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What do School Counselors Do?

School counselors work in three arenas:
personal/social, academic, and career.

School Guidance Curriculum at our school is delivered, by the school counselor (me), to each classroom approximately twice monthly. This year, I am teaching in some classrooms weekly. We have a new curriculum called SECOND STEP this year and some classes are opting to do weekly lessons. The curriculum has teacher follow through activities as well as family follow through activities available. Please look for a family letter to come home regarding how to access those follow through materials. Your student's teacher may also send an email with relevant links.


As a school counselor, I am involved in some of the planning for students at our school; I also coordinate the 504 plans. This individual student planning looks somewhat different at different grade levels. For instance, in high schools the school counselors are involved in individual student planning which involves post high school goals, etc.
Responsive services include visiting with students and or parents as the need arises in personal/social, career, or academic realms. I often meet with an individual student (or small groups as needed) 1 to 3 times doing solution focused counseling. At times, I also meet with a student or family and make a referral to resources in the community. Responsive services also include providing student support through small groups, dealing with a variety of topics.

A school counselor supports the system in a variety of ways. I get to consult with teachers and other school staff regarding individual students or whole classroom settings. I am also excited to be a part of a professional learning community of school counselors and more specifically one that is specific to elementary school counselors in our district. This is essential in assuring continuity as kids progress through their elementary years, especially if they move from school to school in our district.

Some FAQs about school counseling.....

Who are you?
What kind of training do you have?
Do you have a license or credentialing of some sort?
What do you do?
One time problem solving visits.what about those?
Do you do counseling/therapy? Why or why not?
If you do not provide therapy, and my child needs therapy, or closer follow up than just a couple of meetings, then what?
Are the groups you run therapy groups?
Do you have a list of counselors in the community that work with kids and/or families?
What is confidentiality and how does it apply to what you do in school?
What if I have questions about anything regarding school counseling? How can I contact you?
What if I have concerns about my child. Can I visit with you? Can you visit with him or her? How can I arrange that? What is the process I must follow?
Tell me more about these groups. How does my child get to participate in one?

I am sure that I have not covered everything. Please contact me with any other questions (general or specific to your child).
I look forward to another great year in 2013-2014 at Mesa View Elementary!

Contact me at:
[email protected]

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