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101 Reasons to Read

101 Reasons to Read

1. It's Fun
2. You'll learn about yourself
3. You'll learn about the world
4. It improves your communication skills
5. You'll forget your worries
6. You can do it anytime
7. You can do it in any weather
8.You'll make your teachers proud
9. It will help you do well in school
10. It doesn't require batteries
11. It puts the universe at your fingertips
12. You can see through someone else's eyes
13. It can make you laugh
14. It can scare your pants off
15. It can take you places you've never dreamed of
16. You'll be inspired
17. You can learn how things work
18. It can help you find solutions to any problem
19. You can dream about the future
20. It inspires life long learning
21. Once you start you won't want to stop
22. It can give you great quotes or jokes to share
23. You can experience things you would never do
24. You won't have to judge a book by its cover
25. You can learn how to be better at anything
26. It will increase your vocabulary
27. You'll be a better writer
28. You'll always have something to look forward to
29. You'll be meeting interesting characters
30. You can do it by yourself
31. It makes you smarter
32. It gives you some time to think
33. You learn about animals
34. You learn how to help others
35. It increases your knowledge
36. It makes you warm inside
37. It helps you learn to concentrate
38. There are millions of stories to choose from
39. Books help you learn to cook
40. Your imagination gets better
41. Your Grandparents will be proud
42. You can learn about pirates
43. Problem solving skills are learned
44. You will find others with the same interests
45. Books are handy
46. Rereading a book is better than television reruns
47. Stories stay in your head forever
48. Some stories stay in your heart forever
49. You get to choose what you read
50. Reading can be done with a good buddy

51.You'll know more
52. It makes time fly by
53. You'll understand people better
54. It keeps you out of trouble
55. You can do it anywhere
56. It will help you grow
57. You'll impress your parents and friends
58. It reduces stress
59. It's the cheapest way to travel the world
60. You can live many lives
61. There are no commercials
62. You'll learn other points of view
63. It can make you cry
64. It can make you think
65. You can have the adventure of a lifetime
66. You can learn how to do something new
67. It doesn't cost much
68. You can experience the past
69. You can explore new horizons
70. You'll be great at trivia games
71. It can change your life
72. It doesn't need electricity
73. It's a quiet activity
74. It's always in style
75. It sparks your imagination
76. You can learn how to make something new
77. It's your link to the rest of the world
78. It 's a good way to challenge yourself
79. You'll always have something to talk about
80. You can do it with your family
81. Books can make you calm
82. Books can make you scared
83. Books can enlighten you
84. Books can make you aware
85. They can be a pal
86. They can help your brain
87. It will tell about the past
88. It can help with the future
89. They can help our memories
90. They can make new memories
91. They can spark our curiosity
92. You can get some books for free
93. They make a great gift for someone
94. They make a great gift to yourself
95. You can read while you fish
96. You can read on a bus
97. You can read in a car
98. You can read here or there
99. You can read anywhere
100. The book is always better than the movie !!!!!

101. And remember Books are Friends for Life!